Sexuality and childbirth: a qualitative analysis of women who had a waterbirth

Autora: Manuela Néné

Artigo | Camargo, Joyce; Araújo, Natalucia; Catão, Lígia; Sarubbi Junior, Vicente; Silva, Lucia Cristina; Nené, Manuela; Grande, Maria Catarina (2020), “Sexuality and childbirth: a qualitative analysis of women who had a waterbirth”. Culture, Health & Sexuality (2020): 1-8.

Resumo: Waterbirth is associated with a less painful childbirth, enhanced couples’ intimacy, and positive feelings toward women’s bodies and sexuality. In a qualitative, descriptive case study involving 21 participants, we examined the sexual experiences-during childbirth and postpartum-of women who had a waterbirth in a hospital environment. Women discussed their sexuality in the intrapartum and postpartum period after having a waterbirth in public or private hospitals. Two main themes were developed from the data analysis: ‘women’s sexual pleasure during waterbirth’ and ‘sexuality after childbirth’. Experiences included transcendence during waterbirth, a feeling that it represented a unique experience, and couples’ more positive feelings about intimacy. The shared representations of women suggest that waterbirth can be a calming, joyful event for couples. During this process, they felt that it was a loving, shared event. In addition, after childbirth women experienced positive feelings toward their bodies and sexuality (including orgasm), as well as closer intimacy with their partners.