Autores: Joana Topa

Artigo | Topa, J., Nogueira, C. & Neves, S. (2016). Dos discursos e práticas dos/as técnicos/as de saúde aos direitos das mulheres imigrantes nos contextos de saúde. Revista Faces de Eva, 36, 63-82.

Resumo: One of the great challenges of women diaspora are the barriers found to access and use the health services. This study, of qualitative nature, intended to analyze and characterize, through semi-structured interviews, speeches, practices and challenges of fourteen professionals in providing care to pregnant immigrant users. For analysis we use qualitative thematic analysis as described by Braun and Clarke (2006) witch was complexified with a critical discourse analysis (Willig, 2008). The results reveal that professionals present positive attitudes towards immigrants and issues related to health and disease. However, the ethnocentrism present in their discourses reinforces the complexity of these relationships.