The Vulva Dialogues: The Sexual Bodily Experience of Portuguese Cisgender Women

This research will seek to comprehend the most relevant aspects of the sexual bodily experience of Portuguese cisgender women – focusing on their relationship with their vulva, their clitoris, and their sexual pleasure – as well as understand the role of medicine and health professionals in such relationship, within the Western medicine perspective of the female body. Through qualitative methods, the fieldwork will be divided into semi-structured in-depth interviews with at least 15 health professionals (gynaecologists, gynaecological surgeons, and sex therapists) working in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and at least 15 in-depth interviews using the Biographic-Narrative Interpretative Method (BNIM) with Portuguese cisgender women residing in the same area. The research aims to understand how centuries of control over the female body and decades of the medicalization of female sexuality have impacted on the corporality and sexuality of Portuguese women, to contribute to an indepth debate on such matters in Sociology.
Financiamento: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (2023.03075.BD)

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Adriana Quintão

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CIES-Centro de Investigação e Estudos em Sociologia