Autora: Eva Diniz Schiro

Artigo| Diniz, E. & Koller, S. (2018). Research on natural settings: observing adolescent mothers and infants throughout the first postpartum year. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science, 52, 104-115.

Resumo: This manuscript aims to present and discuss challenges regarding naturalistic observation of adolescent mothers and their infants throughout the first postpartum year. Case illustrations were the object to discuss methodological options and issues faced during an observational and longitudinal research. The participants live in vulnerability in a metropolitan area in Southern Brazil. Data collection challenges led to reflections about naturalistic observation and methodological procedures, which were affected by setting characteristics and by the need of adapting to them. Most methodological difficulties were linked to naturalistic observations of mothers and their infants. Personal and contextual aspects of these settings must be taken into account in order to enhance result reliability and the knowledge about cultural idiosyncrasies.