Autores: Manuela Nené

Artigo | Camargo JC, Albuquerque RS, Osawa RH, Correa EE, Lavieri EC, Néné M, et al. (2023) “Demandas de autocuidado no parto na água: estudo qualitativo” in Acta Paul Enferm. 2023;36:eAPE02601. DOI: 10.37689/acta-ape/2023AO02601


Objective: To analyze the puerperal women’s understanding about the participation of obstetric nurses/nurse-midwives in water birth, under the light of the Self-Care Deficit Theory.

Methods: This is a qualitative study using the content analysis technique with the participation of 21 Portuguese women who had water birth at a hospital. The concept of self-care proposed by Dorothea Orem was used as a theoretical framework.

Results: The mean category “Need for self-care in the context of water birth” emerged, whose meaning units were: Fear of not being able to experience water birthPerception of dystocia safe managementLack of knowledge about the severity of postpartum hemorrhage; and Incompetence in perineal trauma repair.

Conclusion: Participants identified that the presence of obstetric nurses/nurse-midwives brought security for them to continue confident in the water birth model. Women’s needs were met with permanent respect by professionals, which favored puerperal women’s autonomy, harmony between parties and support by nurses.