Autores: Laura Brito

Capítulo de Livro | Faria, Inês; Brito, Laura; Costa, Karla. 2023. “Prejudiced Rationales For Stereotyping: on the experiences of Black and African-Descended Women in Reproductive Care in Portugal and Mozambique”, in Botrugno, C. et. al. (org.), Bioethics and Racism: Practices, Conflicts, Negotiations and Struggles. Published by De Gruyter.

Resumo: Resorting to cases and data drawn from studies conducted in two countries with a colonial relationship, i. e., Mozambique and Portugal, we want to deconstruct histories of discrimination and prejudice in reproductive care. By exploring regimes of invisibility and forms of structural violence related to black women, we argue that stereotypization rationales based on ideas of race, gender, and class that are prevalent in reproductive care settings must be overcome, and the remains of colonial history and practices of subalternization must be rendered visible. We suggest that people – as citizens, researchers, practitioners, and patients – must come together to debate, discuss and promote horizontal conversations, breaking free from taboos and engaging in cross-sectorial and multidisciplinary dialogues, even if experimental, to provoke such a change.